Media Channel: Brick Team Customs
Posted 29th April 2017
Brick Team Customs began life as my hobby, whereby I would construct custom Lego figures that represented some of my favourite characters which hadn't been produced by Lego yet. Making it a nice way to relax during my days off from my educational work whilst still indulging my creative hunger.
I decided to name the channel Brick Team Customs, in part because each episode would showcase a different team of custom brick related minifigures, but also because I would be using a few minifigures designed by other people and so wanted to honour their work by giving them credit and acknowledgment. (With direct credit given via text segments)
Within the space of three and a half months I created the branding, learnt an extensive amount of knowledge regarding YouTube best practise; I outlined a considered schedule and marketing plan for two years, and filmed and edited material allowing me to release one video a week for over a year.
The folder hierarchy itself is in fact so complex that it involves over 9000 files across 481 folders.
The rapid deployment of the videos was facilitated by my E-learning experience, from which I developed a video architecture that allowed content to be simply and quickly swapped out for each episode.
In terms of YouTube timeframes, my channel is still in it's infancy. And yet in a short time and with zero promotional budget, I have exceeded my initial forecasts with the channel having risen to well over 11,000 subscribers and over 4 million views.
Brick Team Customs has been featured for my custom Xenomorph tutorial on Action Figure Insider as well as a feature on The Daily
A Lego built version of the "Aliens" Powerloader that I designed as a submission for Lego Ideas, was featured on horror and Sci-Fi sites such as Technabob, Pocketlint, and
An unexpected indication for the growing influence of my channel that recently came to my attention is that a Chinese Bootleg Toy manufacturer has actually copied one of the characters that I made.
And whilst there are minor changes, the randomly painted yellow and red dots from my design can clearly be recognised on the duplicate figure.
As I don't sell my figures, I found it to be both amusing and pretty flattering that a bootlegger would know of my work.
Mark Nathan Willetts is a creative entrepreneur from Nottingham, England. His artistic work has been exhibited internationally. And he has worked as an educator and senior editor at companies such as Experian and Velawoods.
"We must continually grow until our ideas converge for a better future"
- Mark Nathan Willetts