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Please join me in viewing the world from a different perspective ...
Walking Bread
"The discovery of Alice" is a surreal art nude photoseries I created. Exploring the journey and evolution of "Self". (Nsfw)
The Walking Bread is my abstract art series using sculpture, lighting design and photography. It was featured in papers, and around the web.
Marktropolis is an indepth animated experience featuring different interactive rooms that show my work. It was nominated for The CSS Design Awards.
Managing, consulting, and working editorial for various aspects on a joint project between LDE, Cambridge University Press, and Route1 games.
Educational Pinball
Lego Aliens Powerloader
Breaking the mould
Happy fin is a simple organic handwritten font that I designed, which is available for purchase through the well known font site MyFonts.
I wrote Educational Pinball for Elearning Industry to illustrate how a variety of pedagogical considerate tools are necessary for effective learning.
As a test of my skills and following a childhood dream. I designed and built an Aliens powerloader Lego playset. It was featured by sites around the net.
Breaking the mould is an animated audio visual experience that I created. Portraying surreal animated vistas through static dance windows.